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How to Create Many Folder With a Single Click

How are you, brothers and sisters.

Welcome to the world of Technology. I came back again in the Loves. I took the time to come back with you. Anyway, today I’ll show you a Pc fun thing. Many times we have to make a folder that is a waste of time because a lot of wear and folders at a time when many of us were shot one by one, then it is, I wonder where the solution. Take a look now.s-fl

How to make a folder with a single click .

Do not believe? Of course you can. Try it.

At fast, Open Your computer Notepad then write five or eight name. EX: romel simanto jony Akash rasel mitu borsha brishty Its depend that how many folder need you. After complete your writing Save it this name example.bats-fld

Ok. Dabble click this save folder… wow 8 folder is making write now

No more today, More than again next time..