Why Someshwari river water is so cold?Tech Histories
Why Someshwari river water is so cold?

Why Someshwari water is so cold?

The river name is Someshwari. We were standing on the bank of the river. When you fall a step you will see shelf. Spy the light of the sun glisten on the water.
Shelf felt the heat of the sun without legs! Just be wrong to say hot, hot oven, is like a foot! However, a little later than the rest of us that is so, who knew it?
Our next destination was Ranithong area left Birishiri. Our destination was we will visit a school ne Garo.The Border Guard Bangladesh border outpost phamritao Bijaypur was planning to visite head back.
We needed to cross the Someshwari river. So keep our feet like hot sand. This is something else Someshwari away. But the responsibility to keep your feet on the hot sand.
Can we go on the river? Other member of our team was Iqbal and Jubair al-Assad.These are all fairly, “Wife” is dressed . Towel over the head with a veil. Only one shelf is only one of a number of travels! However, more moving, more despair that is buzzing!
While the other side of the river saw the hole in a boat .Our side of the sand and went away on a motorcycle. What if the same boat, and motorcycle Someshwari to the chest? It is a great puzzle!
After go to the some away the answers found in the puzzle. Kheyanaukatai only hope across the river crossing .Who came to us on the side of the motorcycle , he also waiting for  go to the other side of the river.t was a bit further to go in front of the river , the water bukasamana dampiye oparera are a group of children and adolescents .
Someone suggested to us and said, ‘ How about taking somesbarite lunch, this is absolutely necessary to recover? ‘Unanimously agreed .But …in this so little water? Within minutes passed this confusion.
So quickly every one fell down on the river. Stepping off the surprise. Someshwari odd cold water! It seemed to freeze as soon as the water has been poured into the river.
Red on the head of the sun, heat, shaking the air! The water is very cold Someshwari! As the cold, so transparent! Swimming in natural swimming falls naite not want people to know. So our aquatic sports took an hour or so!
What is the secret of this Someshwari cold water? When the sun’s heat around the fire – hot, the water is so cold, what does?
After come back in Dhaka we know from Google, Meghalaya Garo Hills bincurichara , banachara fountain, etc. , and from the west of the river Someshwari ramapha river srotodhara together.
In 1962 the upstream flows south Someshwari has created a new course, which is locally poured shibganj called .At present, the main trend srotodhara Someshwari . Zaria srotodharati caitali estates in the west side of the market – jhanjaila matched with pewter River.
Local people say, however, largely mountainous dhalai Someshwari transparent and cold water sources. And due to the water currents do not get the opportunity to become permanent. However, with the rainy season the water is so transparent.
This is explained by the data. Surely there’s a scientific explanation. However, it is not byakhyatyakhya , somesbarite means once you dive into the river, stuck in love ! That is why he will be forced to return to again and again birisirite district.