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Weight lose for sour food

Weight lose for sour food

Many people think that, if they drink hot water mixed with lemon juice they lose their weight. Is it true really? Nutrition scientists say others. Sour food temporary stopped appetite demand.

Permanent weight control diet, but if there is no alternative to accept. Besides physical exercise is crying need. The chief nutritionist of BIRDEM General Hospital akhataruna Nahar light said, some lemon water every morning to eat again all day anniversary Belly Oil and savory foods.

But do nothing to reduce the weight. Many’re supposed to lose weight, and not take any food the day. As a result many people are weak for that.


Akhataruna Nahar said that the weight of lime in the water, there is no scientific basis. Lack of hot water in the morning rather than citric acid lemon juice mixed with lemon acidity occurs as a result of drinking. For the stomach is full. For that reason, it takes less hungry.

The morning meal is reluctant to accept. Many weight losses regularly eat honey. Eat a good honey, but this is not good in the heat. Because honey increase body temperature. Many in the head become hot. So, sleep disturbance at night. I sleep well at night if you do not try, no matter whatever, there is no weight.

We suppose a regular meal nutritionist advised to keep weight under control. He made a special list for a quiet meal at Nahar akhataruna.



In the morning you can eat a loaf of bread, a bowl of vegetables and an egg. From 10 am to 11 pm during the meal was added to the list of any fruit except just without bananas. There may be half a cup of rice as lunch. With fish or meat and a bowl of thin branches. You can eat vegetable as you wish. You should care it that oil can’t be over.

In the afternoon you get hungry, you can eat vegetables or meat in a bowl of clear soup. If you can avoid rice in dinner it will be better for you. In the case of milk or bread you can eat corn flex. The list of dishes I calabenai compliance, as well as to keep weight under control. For example, try to sleep at least eight hours at night. Sometimes the food cannot be excluded in the morning.

You should eat within 9o clock. She suggests taking dinner with in   8pm for good health.


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