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Teenage skin

Teenage skin

There is huge pressure to study in adolescence. Though they are not adult so they don’t attention to cleanliness at many. Many people think that beauty practice so young again! Taking care of the little girl’s skin will be soft and acne free.

Beauty expert think that as a teenager, skin and hair care need to understand the nature of the air. A lot of physical changes due to changes in puberty for hormone. Acne is a very familiar face to the 13-19 year-old children is a problem.

If you do not correct skin care rules, or to follow the rules when the adults could tether hazard. Sharmin said Tanjima miunisa Bridal owner, beautiful and healthy children this age do not need to do much to stay. For the common well-being and follow a few rules at the time, they will be able to maintain skin and hair health.

This is a pressure for additional studies in this age, as a result sleep disturbances. They do not want to eat much water in winter. Thus, the skin becomes dehydrated and lifeless.


Adolescents occurs in the skin and hair, beauty expert are advised to overcome those.


* The skin should be kept clean at all times. Came from outside the face, hands, feet, warm water, wash them well.

* The old boys are not mature skin as adults. So the big boys or boys Menz face-wash should not be used.

Instead, mild or mild face-wash can be used. Dry skin that does not use any soap or face-wash.

* To clean the skin, grape juice, cucumber juice acts as a toner.

* After washing your face wet feeling when you put good quality moisturizer. If there is too much skin acne problem, you will need to use a water-based moisturizer.

* The age of the White Head, Black Head can increase a lot of trouble. Use the Scrub than better off if the domestic market.

* Rice flour, sour milk or yogurt, nuts, lentils with small amounts of lime and mix a few drops with him. This mixture to the face and leave for 15 minutes and washed to remove dead skin cells and the Black Head.

* Neem leaves, basil leaves and Aloe acne problem equal amounts mixed affixed to the face for 15 minutes, the skin will be smooth.

* Winter dandruff problem is increased, if the skin is damaged eyes and hair dandruff. Fenugreek, henna leaves, yogurt and lemon juice and mix well to be 20 minutes left. Wash your hair with the shampoo. This is supposed to be reduced to two or three times to use dandruff.

* You should use lotion on your body; if the season be much drier then this lotion can’t work properly. So then you should use olive oil, It makes your body skin soft.