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Immense beauty of Thegamukh

Immense beauty of Thegamukh

   The turning of this river is much more fascination, before the end of Nadia’s doctor to face Nazmul Haque has been busy making pictures of the river bends. Then more come out ahead, every turning of Karnafuli fascinated our thoughts, saw looked wonder.

Ever been busy taking pictures, sometimes rolled out to enjoy nature. Police had two days floating in the river about 5 hours we roamed. He was extraordinary in every moment of the river walk.

Thegamukha is the last village bordering of Bangladesh. Local residents said it Thegamukh. Chakma and Marma ethnic groups live here. Already knew about Thegamukh.

That provoked a friend knowing Samir Mallick. Planning started. Bengali New Year holiday was a chance to go for a walk. Prothom Alo Chakma of Rangamati correspondent Hari Kishore Chakma cooperation friend Glory auction. We went up to nine teams. Travels by bus and went to the country on the night of April 13 in Rangamati. Milton Chakma of Rangamati day after New Year’s Day morning boat trip down the Thegamukh started from the samataghata.

After going an hour when we see the mountain through the standing Buddha is the first stop pulling. Whenever Thus, there is banalatila Barkal and in the evening we arrived in the small Harina. Border areas, on the advice of the day and not at the mercy of the small Naik harinatei we spent the night.

Before sun rising still dawn the next day. When we went out through the darkness, the time will be four in the morning. Trawlers began to feel like a dream, cold winds, drizzle around. We go through stressful Barkal upazila in Rangamati district, a small village Harina Harina ahead of the exercise.

Harinate of our journey is to give back. Harina of the border post or outpost (BOP) was informed about our Thegamukh journey. BGB is the name of the writer of light tea-breakfast hospitality via tablabaga Thegamukh walk towards the running.

Cold air hugged us again. After you get comfortable with the sleeping-mates lost in the wind. I did not sleep at all the night on the roof of fatigue trawlers sit down. A little later I came anica Munshi. Naorina and then later came to Nadia.

In this way, one by one, come all to the roof trawlers. There was a light in the sky in the east.Completely removed from the body of the sky was still dark. One very hot summer day, how Kuyasabheja nature. Feeling cold in mid-April.The sun was glittering river Karnaphuli melatei alora fan. Birds digit was light ahead, now is the chirp start.

He is flanked by hills and mountains, dense forests and streams run through the middle of the river behind Harina trawler went further in front at the end and the village Thegamukh. The Indian-flagged trawlers in our boat and the other boat we are very excited to see. This is a remarkable experience, thought rapport happened.

Thegamukh of BOP entry side looks like Titanic ship. Thegadorera than half an hour late Thegamukh achieve regional commander told his anxiety. Then the light went nasataya refreshed. Now we go out to explore the village Thega breakfast recovering, has passed the next Sajekera Thega River.


Immense beauty of ThegamukhRequired Information:

From Rangamati to small Harina have launch for travel. Till small Harina to allow the movement of the public, then no more. If you go to Harina Thegamukh of the Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) will be allowed to go. For permission you should apply to GS (Intelligence) along with 305 Infantry Brigade. Rangamati Reserve met the market samataghata permission or smaller than the Thegamukh Harina.

On the way, with enough food and water to keep dry. Thegamukhe days will return the same day. Harina one or two nights you have to be small. For spend night power and toilet less small hoses of Harina is only way. Though there have two or three hotel but if you didnt order before two or three days ago you wouldnt get food.