COLD HOUSE IN SUMMER SEASON house styleTech Histories


When we walk on the path that time we think, Oh! I wish I could spend the summer at home in the time. But inside the house really have any peace? Home to the sun is hot for the brick-and- wood – steel city is now.

Do not leave home without the need of health tips, then it seems pathetic joke .So how to get comfort at own home? I wanted to know from the architect Nahas Ahmed Khalil.

He said that “the house can’t be too cool than outside if outside being so hot”. However, the heat is not so much the outside; there are several ways to handle it.

COLD HOUSE IN SUMMER SEASONTo keep the house cool in the house need to consider when developing the plan. We should concentrate that there is adequate ventilation in the house. If the room is open to the sun’s light into the room and he’s not harmful.

If we can the sun room keep in the shade under a lot of room to be heated. House or flat in south – east face made all the better. If the rooms used by more than the south. The south side of the air can enter the room.

Houses built on the south side consideration because of the summer sun give shine straightly; it is so easy to cast a shadow on the wall. The sun is tilted slightly to the east in the morning heat.

Focus will be required not only to build the house. A look of relief on the inside of the heat, furniture and clothing sector involvement must be cautious. Traditional loose cotton clothing with the exception of the west bound much more relaxed clothing.

Nahas Ahmed said, “There is reason behind the emergence of the traditional thing, which is compatible with our culture and weather.

Wearing a suit and tie to prevent the body warm, temperate western countries, so it’s clothing. Room sofa, pillows, mattresses only comfortable if not, it will generate much heat, they also have to keep in mind. ”


The residents who stay on the top floor of multi-storey building (the top floor), if they’re in the heat more than others. In that case, the cooling action can be taken .If possible, create a terracing or hollow brick (the bricks) can be shaved by the prevalence of the summer.

If we can gardening on the roof  heat does not come directly in the home .Only residents in the roof, not everyone can keep plants on the balcony to keep the room cool .Trees absorb heat of the sun , the house will be cold.

Some information of Nahas Ahmed:

* We must try to shade the walls under shadow. If possible, balcony, sun shade, uses cornice.

*As much as it can be possible to keep Ventilation south, east – south side of the space will be open.

* Commonly used rooms to keep in south, south -east is a good idea.

*We should avoid this product which can consume temperature.

* It will focus on that electrical heating device is not in use. COLD HOUSE IN SUMMER SEASON3