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Base makeup at this season

Base makeup at this season

Invite comes in this summer also. Before the ceremony what would be harness like to think about it? At this time, with gold-jewelry harness or would like? It’s not just the weather! Intense, sweat is important to keep in mind. If sweating is lost after the sentencing invitation soil makeup.
Good looks expert Tanjima Sharmin said, this time, on the one hand there is the risk of a bad skin, the makeup is hard to keep alive. Therefore, melt half the makeup sweat.
How hot is properly set up, an event that itself is nicely presented Good looking expert  Afroza Parvin gave some advice.

Preparation of the base:

Makeup depends on timing; base would be select on day or night. Base would be light at the day. In the night deep base hasn’t any problem.
At first wash the skin by face wash and clean jar to be very good. When washing your face look refreshed skin after rubbing a piece of ice. The skin makeup will hold for long.

System of the Base:

Useful Materials: Face Primer, Foundation / pancake, congealers, face powder, face makeup setting spray and brush or sponge.
For Dry and mixed skin: At the first Stick Pan hands full with well to be affixed to the face. However, make sure whatever you use compact powder. Be sure to blend well with the Foundation for the wet sponge, the skin is well mixed. If there is moisture or dry skin moisturizer to the Foundation.
You can buy any cream based foundation. Forehead, nose, Foundation, try to keep balance and color tone. Eyelids Foundation will learn and better sponge.

For Oily skin:Base makeup at this season

At first rib face primer on face as well. Primer will have to wait ten minutes after. Without any dark spots to sit face to face after primary  concealing that cover the light. Now if only concealing dark spots, and streaks of light to the Foundation, the concealing.
Oil on oily skin, the skin can be absorbed into the foundation. In that case, you can use a plate or a plastic sheet. Beauty Blender Foundation is in heavy use or a sponge. Blender Foundation is soaked in water with the addition of water and threw it in the face of the blend. Face Brush is the foundation for the kind of light. Many people prefer to blend with the finger
However, for oily skin, do not use hand. Clean brush or sponge should be used. Usually magnificent night make up heavy foundation for the program is used. The pancakes can be used any day of the wedding ceremony. Oily face over the pancake is not melted. If you use a light foundation day of the party.
According to the makeup was also wearing mask money Tanjima not express the beauty of your face makeup purpose of making them. So what should be the appropriate harness make up at any time, what you like, what suits you and what you are able to contain himself?